Debs Smith

Debs has been creative for most of her life and has been running workshops in Kent and Essex for the last 13 years, part of this time was spent working as a Demonstrator for one of the major craft wholesalers.  Debs continues to teach regularly and now teaches regularly in Faversham and Herne Bay as well as running our team building events!  When not teaching or working she can usually be found in her craft room getting messy!

What is Art Journaling?

An Art Journal is a book kept by its owner/creator as a visual and sometimes verbal record, of their thoughts and ideas.  Art Journals generally combine images with writing, or quotes to create finished pages.  Art Journaling uses all of sorts of styles, media (paint, pencils, crayons, pastes etc) and techniques, generally referred to as Mixed Media. There are no rules! Quite simply you are only limited by your own imagination (and even that can be stretched quickly and easily). 

Art Journaling is a form of art that is designed for the person that created it.  It can be whatever you want it to be, and need never be shown to anyone else.  However should you want to transfer your ideas onto canvas then all the techniques can just be transferred onto a bigger or smaller platform.

How will it help your business?

As well as increasing your employees mental health, it can as a result of that also increase your productivity!

Oh but I can't draw?

You don't need to. 

We don't have the materials

We will supply everything you need. Including covers for your tables and aprons for the attendees

What will this cost?

Prices start at £35 per person