Carpe Occasio Creative Arts is a Team Building event with a difference. Teams can work together to create their own individual pieces of artwork, a team piece, or both.  Through taught techniques, we focus on art as an escape.

Assorted packages are available to suit all options, starting from two hour workshops to full day team building events.

Art has for a long time been known to help with Mental Health, but did you know it can also increase productivity?  There are numerous articles on the internet on how Art really can increase productivity one from Forbes in 2016, focuses on a study from The University of Exeter, their research involved some 2000 employees and found that employees who had control over the colour and type of artwork placed within their workspace, along with how the office was layed out where not only happier and healthier, but consequently were more productive - by a staggering 32%. 

 So why not let us bring Art into your workplace and encourage your employees to improve their own mental health, and therefore increase your producivity by Art Journaling or creating a canvas or two.  

Just Imagine what could be achieved if your employees created their own piece of artwork to hang in their office or workspace!  Maybe their productivity would increase by 50%!

How will it help your business?

Caring for your mental health is more important than ever, and we need ways to ensure that people find ways to deal with stress and focus on a healthy mind.  We offer art as a way to do this, and by creating time and space to get your creative mind flowing we ensure you'll have a happy, focused workforce. 

Giving your employees the opportunity to experiment with art will enable them to feel happier, less stressed, productivity will increase, reduce sick days and possibly even increase retention rates.

Art Journaling is a form of art that is designed to be quite simply for the person that created it. It can be whatever you want it to be, got a worry that you can't get rid of - put it onto paper and then slap some paint over it or use it as the focus to your art work. Perfect as a two hour workshop, but can also be included in a full day event.  

Canvases will be created using the same techniques as Art Journaling only on a bigger scale, creating pieces of art for everyone to enjoy!  If booking the full day event, canvases can be created individually and as a team.  Teams will be encouraged to work together choosing colours (harder than you think) and designs to contribute to a completed large artwork.

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